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    Kundali Kalpataru is a book which is dedicated to the astrology. The book also provide tips to predict the future. There are also methods given. Books, 'Kundali Darpan - Dr. Narayan Datt Shrimali'. kundli books in hindi pdf free download. Kundli Books In Hindi Pdf Free Download. 0 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. piehanitab By piehanitab Ongoing - Updated.

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    Kundli Books In Hindi Pdf

    Documents Similar To योगावली फलित ज्योतिndolefideshal.tk फलित ज्योतिष चुनोतियाँ और युक्तियाndolefideshal.tk Hindi Book Taantrik Ki Diary PDF. Title: Kundali Darpan (Hindi) Author(s): Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali ISBN: Year of Publication: Format: Soft Cover Language: Hindi . Free detailed Kundli in PDF and Predictions by ndolefideshal.tk

    The author describes each of the nine planets in detail — their characteristics, colour, caste, the direction a planet owns, element, deity, gemstone, where it is powerful, etc. The author describes the effect of each of the planet by being located in each of the twelve bhavas of the horoscope. It also describes the effect of planets by location in a rashi and by aspects and combination with other planets. To take an example of Moon, it describes the effect when other planets like Mercury, Saturn etc are located in a particular house from Moon. The book becomes a very good read due to the excellent commentary by Brijbihari Lal Sharma. He has translated each of the shlokas written by the original author very carefully and presented the meaning in a simple language. Also, there is no room for ambiguity in the translation. A comparison of the yoga is provided not just with teachings of other great astrologers and rishis like Brigu, Varahamihira, Dhundiraj but with tenets of Western Astrology also.

    Job and career Yog- Some planetary combination tells about the type of job you can get. Similarly you can look at the other planetary combinations as well that tells about the type of job you will get.

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    The above Yog is desired by everyone, but the people who did not have these Yog can always go for some Astro Upaya to get these things in their life. If you want promotion in your job you can offer water with Roli and red flower to the rising sun regularly for 43 days and see the positive effects. This will make favourable and attract the positive energies towards you to get a job.

    Upaya to get your own house- There are various Astro Upaya available that can get you your own house. Wakeup early morning and offer a red flower to lord Ganesha and do prayers for 21 days for your own house. Apart from this there are some more Upaya that you can try to get your own House.

    Astrology : Horoscope

    Upaya to get married- There are different Upaya that people follow to get married. If you will wear new yellow clothes on Thursday and white clothes on Friday and repeat this for four weeks, you may get a marriage proposal very soon.

    The use of Upaya like this is very common in country like India where Marriage is a really important affair of once life. Each house in the birth chart represents a facet of life-be it our marriage, career, or finance. Our entire life is represented in the diagrammatic representation of a birth chart or Kundli. The first house of the birth chart reflects the physical structure, health, vitality and vigour of the individual. The house also controls natural inclination.

    The second house of the birth chart rules the monetary gains and losses, fortune, wealth and material belongings depending on the presence of sign and planet in the house. The third house of the birth chart represents the relationship with brothers and sisters, neighbours, short travel, communication, writings and agreements of an individual.

    The fourth house of the birth chart signifies all things that are personal related to mother, property, ancestral wealth, house, income and education. Also, artistic pleasure and speculative business are seen from this house. The sixth house in the birth chart is called as Dustanta house. The presence of evil planet gives good result in this house.

    Kundli Hindi

    For any ceremony to happen there must be a mutual relation between two or more than two planets or Graha.

    According to some good Jyotishees the Yog is a result of good work done by human being in their past.

    Jyotishi call it the mutual relationship between "Kendresh and Trikodesh" and named it as "Shubh Yog". Rajyog in Kundali- Types of Yog - If there is relationship between two or more than two planets situated in Kendra and Trikon of the Kundali, it is said as Rajyog. It doesnt mean that the Rajyog holder will become a king in the future. It means wealth, profit and facilities similar to that of a king.

    Makan Yog- Every person wants his own house.

    There is certain planetary position combination that tells that a person will own a house in the future. For, e. Vivah Yog or possibility of marriage- Similar to Makan Yog, one can also check with the help of kundali whether a person will get married or not.

    One of such combination is when Venus is in the seventh house, the person will get married at a young age.

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