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    This is a compilation of Dungeon Magazine's "The Shackled City" Adventure Path and Campaign sans the Level 2 module Drakthar's Way. It is available in the hardback collectors edition. Since many readers would rather eat ( that I ran through the “Shackled City” Adventure Path of modules published in .. the city of Cauldron, fashioned of massive slabs of black malachite, blazed with. Secrets of the Soul Pillars Jesse Decker. The Shackled City Adventure Path con- tinues! At last, the action returns to the city of Cauldron, where the wicked.

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    The Shackled City Adventure Path Pdf

    The Shackled City Adventure Path (or simply Shackled City) is a role-playing game Adventure .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Shackled City Adventure Path. Search Thread I have the hard cover but was wondering if there is a PDF available as well? Makes it much. working on Dungeon, the other maga- zine staffers and I spent hours on this and other nonsensical topics when we probably should have been working on the.

    Already have an account? Log in! In this adventure the player characters investigate kidnappings. The trail leads to a slaver operating from Underdark passages below the city. Drakthar's Way , added for the hardcover collection. In this adventure small bands of goblins raid and vandalize the city.

    To foil the agenda of evil cultists, your band of adventurers must brave haunted jungle ruins, slay mighty dragons, and bind themselves to a layer of the infinite Abyss.

    Will their swords and spells be enough to save the Shackled City? Now, for the first time ever, everything you need to play the campaign has been compiled into a deluxe page full-color hardcover that also includes an 8-panel fully detailed map of the City of Cauldron, a page full-color map and illustration booklet, and a brand new Shackled City adventure written by fan favorite author Christopher Perkins.

    Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Perhaps worth noting that I ran the magazine version - the hardback adds an extra chapter early on. The campaign is very dungeon-heavy and very combat-heavy, but is very well done and worth checking out even just to mine for material. I do have two criticisms, although neither is really fair: It takes the PCs from 1st to 20th level.

    The interesting thing is pretty much keeps the PCs in one area until the start going into the Outer Planes. It always gave me a Sigil type vibe. Probably because of how huge the city was and the uniqueness of it.

    Dungeon Magazine the Shackled City Adventure Path and Campaign

    I don't remember much of the plot but I do remember it was fun. I played as a Wizard and had a really good time. I do not actually remember if the volcano explodes. It's a great idea for a mega-adventure locale and highly adaptable to whatever larger game or setting you want to run it in.

    We used Iron Heroes for it, worked out fine. Among the larger group of my gaming companions tales of this game are still told. As such it had a few issues, but all in all, especially in the extended and updated hardcover edition, Paizo did a great job. Due to its popularity, you can also find a ton of fan-created additional material, side-quests and general improvements.

    The first few modules lack a bit of coherence, but since everything's set in or around the city of Cauldron which is described in sufficient detail to serve as an interesting base for an entire campaign, that didn't bother our group much. Since it's a bit reminiscent of a classical mega-dungeon setup, you may not like it as much if you aren't into that kind of thing at all.

    GM also has the options to adust the timing to run other small things along the side if he so wishes, as the story does not rush the PCs along.

    Love it. I really enjoyed most of it, but it needed a bit more foreshadowing as the BBEG isn't really even acknowledged until nearly the end.

    The Shackled City Adventure Path - Wikipedia

    It was a bit of a slog. Maybe something was lost in translation, and maybe our party's general lack of curiosity undermined things my character had an Int of 6 or so. Having befriended some NPCs early on, I felt these got lost later in the adventure path.

    Still, the city and other scenery was lovely, and some of the situations it set up were very cinematic. Last edited by Starfox; Friday, 29th April, at Shackled City is almost two separate campaigns.

    As the first AP, the first part of Shackled City has some really excellent moments. There is plenty of dungeon-crawling, so groups who are averse to dungeons should avoid this AP. Having said that, in the early chapters of the AP, the city of Cauldron provides ample opportunities to branch out with roleplaying, side quests, and character development.

    The setting is the star, and this first portion culminates with an excellent siege on the city that allows the characters to really step up and become heroes for the city they've come to know. Compared to the rest, the latter portion of the adventure seems disjointed and tacked on to the rest of the AP. This is something that can be mitigated with some work on the DMs part, but the adventures in the end are also somewhat uninspired dungeon crawls. The goblins are led by a vampiric bugbear, the eponymous Drakthar.

    In this adventure the city of Cauldron is threatened by flooding during the rainy season. Magical wands of "control water" normally used to control the flooding are stolen and taken to a lair below the city. The player characters presumably track down and recover the stolen wands. The player characters are asked to rescue Zenith Splintershield, a dwarf who has been missing since heading into the Underdark to fight evil. Zenith has gone insane and is treated as prophet by the kuo-toa frog-people who captured him.

    In this chapter, the heroes must find a missing paladin to stop an incursion by Cauldron to nearby Redgorge. After retracing his steps through a jungle, a giant-controlled cavern, and an otherworldly maze, they must face the demonic architect of the area's strife.

    Shackled City main page

    Following their warning from a dying paladin to "seek the sign of the smoking eye", a mysterious plane-wanderer asks for their help in completing a series of test to redeem an abandoned layer of the Abyss. After several assassins attempt to kill the heroes, they are traced back to the temple of Wee Jas. After assaulting the temple and fighting its undead inhabitants, they are led to an ancient frozen spell weaver complex, where a powerful oracle is guarded by a horrific undying dragon.

    An ally of the heroes is kidnapped and taken to a safe house of the Last Laugh, Cauldron's thieves guild. Once they break in and rescue him from the den of thieves, they learn of a secret meeting among some of the realm's most horrific criminals at a noble's mansion.

    In addition, their beholder overlord is practicing unholy rituals in the complex below. The Cagewrights begin their plans in earnest now, awakening the volcano on which Cauldron is built. Spewing lava, earthquakes, and collapsing buildings require the heroes help to get everyone evacuated. Worse, demodands begin to emerge from a planar rift already building, and a certain local dragon gets riled up by it all. The heroes must march on the Cagewrights' headquarters, in the heart of a volcano, before their ritual is complete and a permanent gate to Carceri is opened above Cauldron.

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